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Water Vessel

Water that nestles in our dispensers at A.Mostow Designs gain their high level of vibrational potency from many angles. The vessels being 100% hand blown glass are not prone to leaching chemicals into your
water as you would get from drinking out of plastic. Our oval, egg shaped bottom perpetuates the movement of water molecules which prohibits a stagnant living environment for your liquid. Positive intention behind any symbol, name, or image that can be lazer carved into your custom vessel, activates a harmonious structure within each drop of water.

We carefully select a range of glass colors that are specifically chosen for aesthetics as well as it’s alchemical make up. Ultra violet rays from the sun pass through the colored glass killing the oppurtunity for bacteria to grow while the rest of the light spectum is blocked out. The design of our drinking vessels are thought out from head to toe in efforts to provide the most gorgeously, pristine environment for drinking needs.

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